Jones International University

Jones International University® is the pioneer in online learning. Our founder and chancellor Glenn R. Jones has devoted much of his life to his passionately held belief that education should be available to everyone, everywhere. A cable magnate, Jones in 1987 launched the cable television network Mind Extension University™ (ME/U™), which enabled 30,000 students to take courses from more than 30 colleges and universities via television. In the nascence of the Internet, Jones foresaw the potential and started JIU in 1993 - the first university anywhere to exist completely online.

JIU offers online business degrees and online education degrees with the following benefits:

  • Flexible scheduling with 100% online format
  • Relevant, project-based curriculum with credit for prior learning
  • Distinguished and experienced faculty
  • Academic and career advisory assistance
  • Personal, meaningful interaction
  • Federal student aid, scholarships, and alternative funding options