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Subject Matter Expert – Broadband

What we look like:

Jones/NCTI provides workforce performance products, consulting services and education. More than 300,000 broadband professionals have used Jones/NCTI to help them make smarter decisions, reduce costs and advance their careers. When it comes to developing the most productive professionals possible, Jones/NCTI is the most trusted choice in the broadband industry!

The opportunity looks like:

Provide your broadband experience and expertise that will facilitate the creation of training and education programs. Review and revise existing content. Communicate your knowledge with Technical Writers and Curriculum Developers so they can produce learning programs that incorporate innovation through graphics, videos and photographs. Help our Instructional Designers build the assessment tools applicable to the training audience. Define curriculum gaps. Bring your knowledge, best practices and expertise in any one of the following broadband areas:

  • Business (commercial) Services
  • Customer Service (customer experience)<
  • The Connected Home
  • Headend/Hub
  • Safety
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular
  • Antenna types and principles
  • Microwave applications and components
  • Contract Position 3-6 months
  • Work can be done remotely
  • Part-Time 20 hours per week

Success looks like:

Veteran of the broadband industry. Go-To person in any of the following areas: commercial broadband services, customer experience, Connected Home, headend, and safety. Critical thinker, problem solver and team player. Great communicator with the desire to learn and support learning.   Master Technician certification and previous success within instructional design will be a bonus.

Customer Care Broadband Cable Industry - Trainer


The Customer-Centered Care SME will serve as the business leader in researching, evaluating, planning, proposing and producing the strategic framework and next-step building blocks for customer care business content (CXP) that impacts the overall learning experience for the Jones/NCTI student. The Customer Experience (CXP) content to be delivered will be germane to management (M), Field Operations (FO), Call Center Professionals (CC), and Dispatch (D). The finalized content will uniquely marry aspects of MSO valued customer service fundamentals with topical technology components. Success will be measured not only by how well the course graduate adeptly performs his/her immediate job, but the knowledge and contributions made to their internal care colleagues (well-roundedness). Results will produce a unified culture of care.

Job Summary & Function:

This Jones/NCTI subject matter expert (SME) is the definitive source of knowledge and expertise in a subject area of broadband cable as defined by the project lead and determined by a specific projects topical area. The incumbent will carry a forward-thinking view of the subject matter, not as Customer Service, rather Customer Centered-Experience that impacts all industry professionals and ultimately creates a WOW-factor for customers, empowers the learner and helps drive customer retention. The information provided by the SME will be the most up-to-date available. A SME understands, articulates, and implements best practices related to their area of expertise. The SME will be an active participant of a work-group with the need for specialized knowledge. The SME provides guidance and up to date information (content) for utilization in training programs, and actively participates in course development. Works closely with an Instructional designer, Technical Writer, or Curriculum Developer to collaboratively create training and education course content.

Supervisory Responsibilities:  None

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Perform industry research to assure technical accuracy of lesson material.
    • Create and review written and multimedia content for conversion or development for e-learning to ensure content accuracy.
    • Communicate the knowledge you possess to a Learning and Development professional.
    • Review on-line production files for accuracy against original content and objectives.
    • Review or write exam questions and answers.
    • Perform rudimentary PC file management.
    • Willingness to learn new skills as needed, e.g., new computer applications, curriculum assessment and development.
    • Provide ongoing estimates related to the completion of projects.

Other Key Functions:

Identify, collect, organize, create and produce industry-leading content to exist within established content or as stand-alone:

    • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Skills (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Critical Thinking (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Listening Skills (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Diplomacy/Empathy skills (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Conflict Management (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Product and services knowledge (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Sales – Product Recommendation (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Problem-solving/Decision-making Skills (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Awareness of Fed Regulations (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Social Media – Connected Agent (Dispatch, CC)
    • Leadership (Management)
    • Motivating Teams and Coaching a Customer-Centered Service Teams (Management)
    • Organizational Development (Management)
    • Managing Change (Management)
    • Maximizing Diversity (Management)
    • Financial Skills (Management)
    • Ethics (CC, Dispatch, FO, Management)
    • Assertiveness (Dispatch, FO, CC, Management)
    • Customer Retention & Loyalty (Dispatch, FO, CC & Management)
    • Developing and influencing Service Follow Through (Dispatch, FO, CC)
    • Managing the Customer’s Expectations (Dispatch, FO, CC)
    • Roadblocks to delivering sustained excellence in Service Delivery (Dispatch, FO, CC)
    • Internal Customer Service (Dispatch, FO, CC)
    • Consumer Behavior and Negotiation Fundamentals (FO, CC)
    • The Connected Agent: Phone, Live Chat, Social Media, email Service Excellence (Dispatch, FO, CC)
    • TBD


    • Extreme attention to detail and accuracy
    • Positive attitude and desires to work with team members and stakeholders
    • Responds well to constructive criticism
    • Self-initiative, able to work independently
    • Able to meet schedules and multiple demands
    • Critical thinker and problem solver
    • Team player
    • MS Word (Office) essential; additional experience with Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Photoshop is preferred.
    • You are an excellent writer and editor with a deep and diverse portfolio of work to prove it
    • You proactively seek and absorb the latest news in the tech and marketing world, staying current with the latest trends
    • Have the right mix of creativity, business sense and editorial experience
    • Superior written and verbal communication skills across all levels; ability to communicate complex and non-complex technical concepts to stakeholders in clear concise language.
    • Strong customer management and negotiation skills and the ability to mediate opposing viewpoints and articulate the advantages of a given solution.
    • An engaging presentation style that generates confidence and earns trust.
    • Ability to manage deadlines and deliver quality results.

Education and Experience:

  • A veteran of the broadband industry (preferred)
  • Two year technical degree or four year non-tech degree preferred.
  • Knowledge or experience with instructional design or educational efforts is a plus
  • Technical writing experience helpful

Working Conditions:

Work Environment/Equipment & Machines

  • Office environment – either at company office or remotely from home
  • Standard office equipment utilized

Physical Activities

  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Heavy computer work
  • Considerable reading, both computer screen and paper